Thousand Lines of Code


Thousand Lines of Code (TLoC) is a open source program initiated by Bytes Club to bring more students into open source development. Students will have to work under their mentors on one or more project for a span of 3 months during their semester breaks


Available Projects


A command line text editor written in C

Brief Explanation: Currently chalk is in a very early stage of development. The idea of this project is to complete the basic version 1.0 of chalk along with it’s documentation:

Technologies: C, CLI
Maintainer: Rudra Nil Basu
Communication: BytesClub/General on Gitter

Selected candidate: Satyam Kumar

MAKAUT Connect

A web application for MAKAUT students to get notified about lectures, events and exams.

Brief Explanation: The project MAKAUT Connect currently has just a sample HTML page, with header and logo. The project is Component driven based on Virtual DOM concept of React. We will be using Express for our back-end. Key features of this project:

Technologies: NodeJS, React-Redux-Webpack, RESTful API
Maintainer: Progyan Bhattacharya

Selected candidate: Supriyo Das


A HTTP/HTTPS Web Server Handler by (C) Bytes Club

Brief Explanation: The codebase of serverX is a clone of CS50 Problem Set 5 with additional cross-platform dependency resolution. This project works in both Linux and Windows architecture. Key things about this project:

Technologies: C, HTTP, Socket.IO
Maintainer: Progyan Bhattacharya

Selected candidate: Pinak Roy Chowdury

Tic Tac Toe

A simple Tic_Tac_Toe implementation in C

Brief Explanation: Tic Tac Toe is the biggest collaborative project on Bytes Club. This is a simple board game impleneted in C to run in terminal. The project currently has:

Technologies: C, CLI, AI
Maintainer: Progyan Bhattacharya


A 2D Game based on OpenGL

Bried Explanation: Xplode is currently in a very basic stage of development and we would like to complete the first version of Xplode which would include:

Technologies: C++, OpenGL
Maintainer: Rudra Nil Basu
Communication: BytesClub/General on Gitter

How to apply

Submit your proposal in a Google Doc format to the BytesClub mailing list. Make sure you provide permission for mentors to feedbacks. A sample template can be found here


Things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you join the Bytes Club Mailing list and Gitter Channel. All conversation will take place there.
  2. Do not set impossible goal. We are trying to do some real work here. So be as practical as possible.
  3. Participants can either work on issues registered already or on their independent ideas. In any case, there will be fixed boundary to which he/she can work on decided by the mentor.
  4. Introduce yourself properly mentioning your knowledge and experience properly, remember we will guide you likewise.
  5. Although it is okay to propose idea for multiple projects but we strongly encourage you to work on one.
  6. In case of multiple submission, the last proposal will be taken into account while evaluating.
  7. Communication is an important part of collaborative work. So try to be active as much as possible on our gitter channel.
  8. We will review work progress and our goals in every week or so, according your mentor.
  9. The timeline is fixed and we are strict about our Contribution Guidelines.
  10. Make sure you have some prior contributions to the projects you are planning to contribute during this period, it will be easier for you to get selected if you have prior knowledge about the codebase.


On successful completion, the students will recieve: